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Welcome to paradata

Welcome to the Australian Paradata blog! The project team for the National Paradata Exchange project has set this blog up as a forum for all interested in paradata. We hope to see discussion and ideas in this space about how to use paradata in Australian Education in general. In particular, we would like to see discussion on how to use paradata for better outcomes around the Australian Curriculum—better discovery of resources aligned with the Curriculum, and better informed procurement policy for resources aligned with the Curriculum.

The About page explains the concept of paradata, and sets some of the context for the National Paradata Exchange project. In future posts, we will give more information about what the project has done to date and what it is trying to achieve, and we will invite feedback about what directions to take the work.

We are launching this blog around the demonstration of paradata in the IDEA12 conference, using the Paraportal. Our next post will give a lot more detail about what the Paraportal demonstrates—and how it can serve as the start of a conversation around paradata.